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The fascist, racist, republican party is hopefully in its last gasps. They should not in any way be encouraged, helped or given any care except to see that they are finally killed off as a viable political party.

It is composed of the crazy radical right wing inheritors of the Birchers, Birthers and Bigots. (I mean Birthers, really?!!!) The "sane" conservatives have been migrating to the Democrats for awhile now, leaving only the crazies exemplified by the likes of Cruz (from Texass, naturally).

Texas is slowly moving Democratic. The republicans' crazy anti woman, anti sex wars (anti sodomy, anti contraceptives, really?!!!) and blatant provable lying the likes that have never been seen before - and usually in the same day/same sentence - is finally doing deserved and long coming damage to that party. The only way the republicans can win now is thru election cheating and voter intimidation/shenanigans that they have so far successfully instituted.

The Democratic party will eventually split into two parties, a more business conservative party, and a more liberal party. What the US doesn't have now and desperately needs, is a true left/labor/socialist party.

Anybody who thinks that the Democrats are in any way shape or form "left" doesn't know what they are talking about as far as politics goes.

Unfortunately, the US is more likely to evolve into a unique form of Nazi Germany than return to FDR's New Deal.

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