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Originally Posted by CaliNative View Post
I'm convinced "Nimbyism" is rooted heavily in economic self interest. "Nimbys" are mostly property owners, who want to keep new housing scarce so their own home values keep rising. NIMBYs fear new supply, since new supply will dampen price appreciation. What NIMBYs don't factor in is that scarce supply and high prices and rents will drive up homelessness, and some of those homeless will live in their neighborhoods. Maybe in front of their homes. As homelessness soars, nobody will want to buy the NIMBY's home. The NIMBY dilemma.
I really don't think NIMBY's are thinking in that way. Maybe some, but I think the majority just don't like change. And so if you are changing what they know, they are up in arms about it. What boggles my mind, is when you ask them what makes you have the right to have housing and not others? And also, what do you think was there before this house? Someone had to develop this house you are living in and disrupt that current landscape, but someone else can't simply because you now live there???
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