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Originally Posted by ocman View Post
Theres also the feeling that if u rent, you’re only a guest in this city and have no say in how the neighborhood develops, and that the feelings of homeowners take precedent over all others. No homeowner is ever going to say we need to make room for more people in this area. That would be too selfless. The fact that their home values skyrocket due to their resistance while burdening renters to pay more of their income to skyrocketing rent while never building equity shows the hypocrisy of wealthy progessive angelenos who rail against Trump’s treatment of outsiders and never see the connection at the local level of how they burden struggling families by their resistance to higher density development.
This isn’t always the case. There are a plethora of homeowners who love density and the benefits of density. Be it retail, restaurants, etc. A lot of times it’s the ones that oppose things that makes the most noise. Doesn’t always mean that the popular opinion of a group.
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