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Originally Posted by dktshb View Post
Yes I am sure about that. I am not trying to romanticize anything but you're trying to dismiss its past. Downtown's population was about 50% of the entire population of the City of Los Angeles in in the late teens and early twenties. The City of Los Angeles had a population in 1920 of about 570K people.

In 1919, the community living in the downtown area formed 50% of the population of Los Angeles, and mostly Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Very few people lived in the hills and the suburbs were sparsely populated
Thank you for clearing this up and defending LA. It is pretty tiresome to constantly hear transplants to LA talk about how this is the first time LA has been a big deal (and when I say LA I mean Downtown LA, because that's what people that are from here have always called Downtown LA). Citywatch, no offense but you are the biggest offender, and to be honest, are you even from LA? I am a third generation angeleno, (some distant family dates back to the region as late as the 1850s), and I will tell you straight up that you are wrong. Stop talking down about our City as if you are some expert.

Where do you think that all of these buildings that are being refurbished came from? They are masterpieces and they are from a hayday that was stolen from LA by speculators selling the false dream of an auto utopia and the transplants that bought in to that false dream and reshaped the City as they saw fit. The amazing building being refurbished today were significantly more in number and all surrounded by the dense neighborhoods that surround LA today (Wilshire Center, MacArthur Park, University Park, Historic South Central, etc), but as LA leadership became supplanted by the transplants that moved here seeking autotopia, they abandoned the core, buildings were condemned, and parking lots followed. This process continued for decades. Now we are having a reawakening. But for the last time, this is not the best that LA has ever been, so please stop spewing that like it's a fact. And I mean that with utmost respect, because I enjoy much of what you post.
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