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Originally Posted by mumu View Post
CVG is a sad airport. They went from almost 23 million passengers before the Great Recession down to less than 6 million passengers around 2013. There's been modest recovery since. The Delta BK filing and later the Northwest combination, just before the economic downturn, was devastating. Delta combined hub traffic at Detroit instead. They've actually demolished 2 entire terminals, one of which was barely 20 years old. They also built a full size 4th runway around 15 years ago which has gone essentially unused.

It seems that Delta is going to expand use of Raleigh as the secondary connection city for north <-> south traffic (*on the East coast), given that Atlanta is going to have ever increasing capacity constraints in the years to come. Atlanta needs a secondary airport but political resistance is high.
What has happened to CVG is truly sad, but MEM has received far worse treatment from Delta. Any addition by Delta to CVG or MEM is bitter sweet, I'm sure the people there have mixed feelings about Delta.

Hopefully what happened to them will never happen to us.

As for RDU Delta said there will be new routes in 2018, so I guess expansion is a given

AUS-CVG is officially official, confirmed by CVG and Delta.
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