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Originally Posted by Handro View Post
There's a McDonalds 1 block from Eleven Madison Park in NYC (not to mention the Walgreens, Arby's and Panera.) Osteria Francescana is located on a nondescript side street in Modena--Italy's answer to Pittsburgh. El Celler de Can Roca is down the street from a Honda dealer.

I don't know what fantasy world you've dreamed up that this club of ultra-high class food snobs is galavanting from one glitzy district to another all while only begrudgingly accepting poor Chicago and simply waiting for an excuse to exclude us.

Fulton is a great district and is promising to be a staple of Chicago after this round of development is over. Allowing it to become a bustling city neighborhood while also maintaining a great collection of food destinations makes it (and Chicago) better, not worse.
You're really not paying attention. I'm talking about one high quality restaurant district (not a whole city). And it would have nothing to do with excluding inexpensive, even very inexpensive, places. Nothing there prevents Chicago from becoming "better" - and you're lacking imagination if you think any of this prevents the west loop from becoming "bustling." Also, we have a city garbage truck repair facility next to the excellent restaurant Ada Street 1664, and zillions more similar to your listed examples, but additionally having one unusually unique restaurant district produces many synergies, like having it as a default destination without having any reservations and needing only to walk a short distance before finding a place.
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