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Originally Posted by neilson
Yes, in 2002 I went to numerous Zellers locations in the GTA while in town for World Youth Day.
Jesus, were you being punished for breaking curfew or something?

I like the music in the new Zellers commercials:
"The Littlest Birds" by the the Be Good Tanyas.
"When The Night Feels My Song" by the Bedouin Sound Clash
So they're trying to improve their image. Maybe they should start with the crap they sell. Har!

Rendar, you are correct, especially about the grandson's incompetence. But there was probably nothing anybody could have done to ward off the Wal*Mart tsunami. But I'm certain they were trying to take it more "upscale" by ditching the small goods and focussing on the fashion/home furnishings core.

The fact we disagree is a good example of their muddled marketing.
Batman: "Better put 5 cents in the meter."
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