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Originally Posted by miketoronto
Second. I don't get the obsession with Target. Yes I am obsessed with certain stores when I visit the USA, like Marshall Fields.
But Target. Come on, it looks just like ZELLERS, and sells the same crap we get at home already. They sell cleaning stuff, and cheap clothing. I just don't get the obsession with Target, when it is no different then a WOOLWORTHS or ZELLERS.
If Zellers and Target are the same then why has every Target (or SuperTarget) I've been in, been neat and orderly with well displayed prices while every Zellers I've ever been in has been dirty, disorderly, and cramped? I barely find what I'm looking for in Zellers and if I do find it, there's either no price displayed or the price displayed is confusing as hell.

But really I wish we could ship out some of the American chain stores and nuture home grown chain stores(if we must have chains in every single place). Because the selection now between the USA and Canada is very slim. Soon there will be no need to even go to the USA for a slice of something different.

And the European chains are no better. H&M, MANGO, ZARA. Soon there will be no need to visit Europe. Because all their stores will be in the Eaton Centre anyway. I will admit I have bought pants from ZARA($120.00 buck pants down to $30.00. Had to buy). But still, lets nuture some Canadian stuff for once, again.
But as those big chains from other countries come to Canada, there are new chains being developed in other countries. There is still plenty different in the US. Even the chains tend to be different from country to country.
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