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Originally Posted by Mojeda101 View Post
Everyone was quick to jump to conclusion that it had indeed broken ground but it was in the end a false alarm. There were some undetected storage tanks on the site and they had to remove them. Although Hunter did email CIM and they told him that they would be breaking ground in Spring.

For the earlier topic, while the rundown 1-4 story buildings make the city look very "ghetto" they're much better than if nothing was there at all. Detroit made that mistake and now it's a wasteland. I'm all for them being replaced with 10-12 story buildings but I'd want them to be there until it happens. Shomof is going to be demoing that massive 2 story mall next month(I've heard rumors he sold, is he still working with the project?). I hope he'll be quick with the tower. I don't want a CIM situation where we're stuck with the lot as the project stalls
At least it's good to see some kind of activity at the 888 Hope site after it being inactive for a while.

I'll be moving near LA Union Station in a couple days and I'll be able to take a lot more picture updates for the forum!
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