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Originally Posted by Dariusb View Post
I remember reading some years ago that a massive freeway loop around the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area. I think it was 170 or something. I wonder how many miles that thing would be?
That's what I'm thinking of as well...I think it was as far north as Sanger or so where it hit I-35, and probably went around McKinney to turn south. Not sure of the path on the west side, but I would presume somewhere around Decatur then turn south?

But either way, that makes me wonder if they would leave 380 as is (~3 lanes in each direction) or expand it with some overpasses, etc. Just curious as it's pretty congested already for E-W traffic. That's not only considering the need for more options for N-S traffic, folks going down to the Legacy area or even as far as downtown. Obviously some kind of N-S rail along DNT would be ideal, but who knows? The Red Line could be extended up 75, I suppose, and then DCTA already has its line.
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