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Originally Posted by The_Architect View Post
Biggest thing that bothers me about the Olympic Park is that 1. They aren't letting the public in unless they buy a specific ticket, and built a gigantic electrified Berlin Wall around it, and 2. the flipping torch is inside the stadium, away from public view.
I'll have to check, but I think that this is the first time that an Olympic Park has been 'opened' up to the public in the modern era with 'passes'. Unfortunately it looks like demand was off the charts as I too was unable to get passes.

The gated aspect to the park is unfortunate, but an IOC requirement (principally a relic of the events in Munich, as is the 'security road' that runs around the perimeter), in legacy mode the park will be opened up entirely.

The approach to the flame is definitely unique, but then that’s trademark London: being different and challenging the norm. I believe it was Thomas Heatherwick (the designer of the cauldron) who reflected that over the years the approach to the cauldron had become sterile, with little design evolution and a growing lack of intimacy. Interestingly I believe the 1948 cauldron was also resided inside the stadium.
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