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^ recreational property is a different beast alltogether... especially lakefront. We could get $200/day for our family cottage in the Chilcotin, but not $6k a month. Plus most people want to rent it in July & August, and that's when we're usually using it. Rec property is also a lot more recession and bubble proof, especially lakefront.

^ you think your prents got a deal.... how about $500 for 500 feet of Lakeshore with water rights 45 minutes from Edmonton in 1960.. my partners' folks made out like bandits on that one, as it's now worth about a cool $1.5 mil.

My little piece of paradise in the West Kootenays that I bought back in 2004 for practically nothing is still worth practically nothing as it is a long ways up a f/s road that requires a vehicle with good clearance and sometimes 4x4 to get to, and it has no services at all except for a year round creek for water and potentially hydro. I wouldn't give it up for anything though.... when the apocalypse comes I'll be laughing
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