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Hmm sounds like a good idea to combine certain parts. Yeah I was thinking places like Plano too or even Corpus Chritie.

Essentially, very similar to the NYC mid/low and high rise where it strictly focuses on projects (1 post per project with info on it) and construction updates. Differing from the conventional threads where its news on projects, but also discussion/analysis on it. This would be encyclopedia style. Comments welcome, but more emphasis on the projects.

I was thinking the layout for a typical post would go like this:


City: (Lets say Dallas for this Example)
Project Name: (Usually the address and if it has a name, address + name of project)

{ Rendering }

[INFO - Usually short, and showing the important details; units/cost/height,etc)


This way every city is covered. Even cities which aren't really focused on like Corpus Christie or some far flung suburb. Even if its a small town, the layout above allows for that.

But yeah, to the Texas members, feel free to add to this project encyclopedia.

Also, yeah, general developments, low to mid and highrises/skyscrapers are welcome. Any development essentially.
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