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Lotte's $2bn Seoul skyscraper to be world's second tallest

By Christian Oliver
October 22 2009

James von Klemperer, leading the design team, said Lotte had set "an aggressive schedule" to complete the 555m-high building by 2014 and that the digging works for the foundations had been carried out.

Mr Shin had been attracted by French styles, and one of the designs for the project had been a 500m Eiffel tower. The Parisian monument is 324m high.

"It was a ridiculous idea, like Disneyland on steroids," Mr von Klemperer said, adding that companies had to be careful about the image projected by a building that would shape the city's horizon and earn a nickname.

He said KPF's designs were modelled on curves in Korean calligraphy and ceramics.

When asked why the conglomerate was not gunning for the world's biggest building, he replied: "There comes a point where these 'super-talls' cease to be economic.

"We can let the Burj Dubai be its own special anomaly. Within Asia, there's Taipei 101 and the Petronas Towers, so to be king of that pile is good."
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