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Wait, what the hell are you doing now? Easy... As far as I'm concerned, I never praised any car brand, neither American nor even freaking German. Read again all over this forum. For now, cars tend to take way too much room in any urban environment trying to be serious and efficient. Anywhere. You know about that, or at least you should. Do you know we have to bury all parking garages over here nowadays? That is adding costs to any building and taking a lot of safety measures to avoid car theft. That's how you feel like entering a fortress when you get in a contemporary building in metro Paris today. I'm not saying cars would be any absolute devil either. I've never been in favor of totally banning them. They're pretty cool in the streets, especially shiny cars indeed for as much as you like them, but that's generally nothing girly, if you see what I mean, and mass transit is still the main solution in a real urban (that is dense) environment. Just saying. Don't show off your Cadillac, it just won't work where I am. The ignorant will be just jealous, which is actually nothing good for you, and the enlightened won't even give a crap and will just despise you, which is even worse. You see? I'm not trying to teach anyone, I'm telling about what I've always seen in my hometown. And I'm still from Paris... Ok?
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