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Originally Posted by Reecemartin View Post
Yeah, if we want to cut down driving or fund road projects the gas tax is probably the best way imo, besides appearance what's the difference
The problem with trying to change behaviour with a gas tax is that people don't associate the penalty with an individual trip. They fill up once every week or two and gripe about the cost of gas, but they don't think about it each day that they drive.

Associating a cost with a particular trip or with distance traveled makes a huge difference in the psychology of the penalty. When I was driving car share vehicles I was acutely aware of every minute spent waiting in congestion, and I made sure I got the maximum value out of every trip.

This is why the bridge tolls have had such a big impact on traffic volumes. People know exactly what they're paying each time they cross that bridge, and will often go to irrational lengths to avoid it.
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