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Thumbs up NEW YORK | Bank of America Tower | 1,200' Pinnacle / 945' Roof | 53 FLOORS | 2009

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BofA Tower at One Bryant Park

One Bryant Park
New York, New York
for The Durst Organization / Bank of America
2100000 sqft.

Early in 2008, an extraordinary crystalline skyscraper of steel, aluminum and glass will rise from the northwest corner of Bryant Park to illuminate Midtown Manhattan. Developed by the Durst Organization to house the New York headquarters of the Bank of America, it promises to reshape the urban skyline of the future as surely as did the famed Crystal Palace, the first glass and metal-frame building in America, when it rose from Bryant Park in 1853.

The design for the Bank of America Tower is inspired by the building's unique site within its Midtown location and the broader urban context. Located at the juncture of Sixth Avenue - a highly trafficked and commercially important artery - and 42nd Street, near Times Square, with its worldwide reputation as a critical center for arts and entertainment, the building strives to respond to these dense urban conditions. Starting from its base, which is designed to improve the complex pedestrian and transit circulation, to the overall massing, continuing up to the tip of the spire, the form is a new character amidst an impressive lineage of iconic skyscrapers, from the Chrysler Building to the east to the old McGraw Hill Building to the west.

The Bank of America Tower will be noted for its pioneering integration of inspired design with innovative, high-performance environmental technologies. In a city of "firsts," it will be the first high-rise to reach for the US Green Building Council's coveted Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification. To enhance the health and productivity of its tenants, reduce waste, and promote environmental sustainability, the building will use a number of strategies. An exquisitely clear, high-performance glass curtain wall permits maximum sunlight and views to interior spaces, while shielding out unwanted heat. An advanced under-floor air delivery system facilitates more controllable, healthful, and efficient heating and cooling while providing highly filtered fresh air. Efficient power comes from an on-site cogeneration plant, which works in concert with an ice-storage system to reduce the building’s peak energy demands. The tower will also capture and re-use nearly all rainwater and wastewater, saving millions of gallons of precious clean water each year. A high percentage of the building's materials come from recycled and renewable sources within 500 miles of New York City.

The building’s faceted crystal form lets more daylight reach the street, while capturing and refracting the changing angles of the sun. In contrast to this sleek exterior, the base of the building locks into the urban fabric with natural, earth-bound elements that relate to the human scale of the street. Like a front porch, an Urban Garden Room at the corner of Sixth Avenue and 43rd Street will provide public space and act as an extension of Bryant Park.

Not just another corporate headquarters, the Bank of America Tower will shine as a beacon of environmental intelligence, sustainability and health.
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