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Originally Posted by CHAPINM1 View Post
First, technically the floor count is 58 floors if you include the mechanical floors. Second, today buildings are built with better quality and that includes the floor-to-floor height being higher than in the past. Look at the Chrysler for instance, even though the highest floor is the 77th floor, the height of the last floor about street level being the 77th floor is only at 857 feet this averaging only 11.13 feet per floor. Anothe example of this is that the new WTC's buildings will have higher floor-to-floor heights than the original as well. Hope this helps.

BTW, this building reminds me a lot of the Bank of China as well...
Thanks for explaining. But in fact, the Bank of China´s roof is after my knowledge taller than this (over 1,000ft). But it looks a little bit funny in NY´s tallest list: The Empire State has 102 stories, the second tallest 54, altough there are only 50ft between both.
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