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Originally Posted by new.slang View Post
Americans, are on average, much taller than the Cantonese :p
I've met some tall Cantonese before, but I guess its just progress and better standards as time goes on. The same thing is happening with Asian buildings as well in additino to buildings in most every part of the world whether is is Latin America, the Middle East, or Europe as well...

Also, the Empire State Building essentially has a big mast/spire above 1,050 feet which contains no floors and is occupied only by stairwells/elevator shafts for the observatory on the very top which is the highest observation platform. There are really 87 floors in the Empire State Building if you take the 86 occupiable floors and add the one on the very top (observation level 102) of the mast/spire. Bank of America's highest floor (floor 58) is a little well above 900 feet. Still a large gap in floors between the two, but I hope this makes sense of things even more. If there were no observation platform at the very top of the mast/spire of the Empire State Building, I would guess the floor count would have stopped at 86. I hope this makes sense of things a little bit more...
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