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Originally Posted by Chadillaccc View Post
It might not be, but it could be a mirage as well? Who knows. It very well could be just the curvature of the planet. I just didn't realize there would be such a major difference over such a short distance.
The shot of Toronto from Lake Ontario is not due to a mirage effect either. A mirage is essentially caused by light traveling through air (in a curved line) with a varying index of refraction, which is caused by air that varies in density (lower density results in a reduced index of refraction). Variations in the density of the air over the lake would be caused by air temperature stratification.... but any air temperature stratification would be moderated by the lake rather than exacerbated by it.... I can't see a mirage effect in the photo. What you see is almost entirely due to the curvature of the earth.

The index of refraction of the air is important because it tells us how light will refract though it. If the density/temperature of the air is fairly consistent, the light will travel in a fairly straight line and you will not get a mirage which requires that the light from the distant object of regard curves.

If you want do see a mirage, look over land that is rapidly heating or cooling.
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