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Guys, I found more information on FXFowle's Park Hyatt Tower in AIArchitect Magazine:

FXFowle is one such international player. They established a representative office in Dubai about a year ago. Peter Weingarten, AIA, FXFowle’s director of international architecture, says many of his clients are interested in the energy-efficient aspects of high-density vertical development. One such project is FXFowle’s India Tower in Mumbai, which uses a solar chimney to generate electricity, provides on-site wastewater reclamation, and is LEED®-Gold certified. Without the current climate of rampant and volatile high-rise development, the silver 85-story tower would be universally recognized as India’s next tallest building, but now, Weingarten says, not even this visionary project can claim the subcontinent with any great certainty.

Weingarten’s vision of India Tower’s transformative potential is emblematic of developers in many emerging nations. “It will have a much more intangible effect than just another big building, and then it will spur more development around it,” he says. “It becomes a magnet and a center, and if enough of these dots start to get created and they start to become connected into a network, you can really start to see some dramatic changes in the landscape of Mumbai and India.
Here's another new rendering of it:


And some more new projects

Raheja Reflections


Raheja Waterfront


Raheja Excelsior

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