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Waller Creek Master Plan earns funding from the City of Austin

By Andrea Leptinsky
Friday, 25 March 2011

CENTRAL AUSTIN — The Waller Creek District Master Plan, a project approved by the Austin City Council in June 2010, is expected to break ground in April after the council approved $49.5 million for the first steps of its construction in February.

Known for excessive flooding, vagrants and pollution, Waller Creek has a history of deterring development from a prime stretch of downtown land. The Waller Creek Tunnel Project, a plan separate from the Waller Creek District Master Plan, is meant to reduce the risk of severe flooding and erosion, improve overall water quality and create a more favorable landscape for new and existing business investment.

“Businesses have been reluctant to invest and build, fearing they could get washed away anytime,” said Carolyn Perez, public outreach coordinator for the Waller Creek projects. “They’ve thought, ‘Why bother?’ But once the tunnel is installed, they will have peace of mind knowing their property is protected.”
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