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Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan, and was the island's political and economic centre until the late 19th century. The city's development began with Dutch colonization in 1624. Today's Tainan has a sizeable amount of tourist sights. Thanks to the high-speed railway, it is now possible to visit for a day trip from either Taipei or Kaohsiung.

Tainan's high-speed train station is far from the city centre. I opted to take the cheap local train to get into town rather than the likely-crowded free shuttle bus.

Tainan's city centre does not have many tall buildings, but lots of street-level retail.

People worship at the Prefectural City God Temple to win good favours as they will be judged upon death. Those who have done evil deeds will be punished in the after-life. As the temple relates to life in the after-life, it is best not to visit at night!

Dongyue Hall was built in 1673 and celebrates the local city god. It was partially demolished during the Japanese colonial era and in 1979, but was restored in 1994.

The neighbouring streets are quiet, with not too many pedestrians. Several shops were selling temple wares for arriving worshippers.

Let's roam the streets some more.

Women came to Lady Linshui Temple to request for protection of their children.

Koxinga Shrine was built in memory of Cheng Cheng Kung, who was a merchant and pirate. He is famous for expelling the Dutch from Taiwan in 1661.

Continuing my winter walk ...

Great South Gate

The full set :

More in the next part!
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