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Creating a new urban experience
The 217 hectare (536 acre) site will become a home for up to 30,000 residents, and a place to work for up to 11,000 employees.

This will transform the City Centre Airport into a mixed-use urban community that meets the City of Edmonton’s goals of building strong, vibrant neighbourhoods and increasing density to make best use of existing infrastructure.

Blatchford's vision:

Housing for all stages of life, including family-friendly urban homes
A town centre featuring retail, offices and homes
About 74 hectares (183 acres) of parkland and open spaces
Excellent access to the LRT and transit
Uses 100 per cent renewable energy through a district heat and power plant
Carbon neutral development
Up to 600 community garden plots
A large stormwater lake, with natural landscaping on the west side, and a boardwalk on the east side
Possible student housing for NAIT
The Master Plan for Blatchford will be completed early 2013, and detailed design will take place later that year. Shovels will be in the ground in 2014, and the first people could be living and working on site as early as 2016/17.
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