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The very first SkyscraperPage diagrams were drawn at a scale of 5 feet = 1 pixel and buildings were arranged together in a static GIF image. About 50 buildings could fit on one image, and multiple image files were created to accomodate more buildings. This started in 1997.

When the diagrams became more popular they were increased in size to 1 meter = 1 pixel and the set of colour drawings I had created was merged with the black and white drawings done by Damien Koh that were featured on the website.

Eventually so many buildings were drawn that it was becoming difficult to put hundreds of drawings into image files. A database system was then developed to allow drawings to be stored and displayed as individual image files, and searched and manipulated using database capabilities. The database system, which first went online in 2000, has continually developed to the system we have today.

The diagrams seen at the start of this thread posted by Artemka aren't actually original SkyscraperPage drawings. They may or may not be Damien Koh's drawings though. I do have some of the original diagram image files saved in an archive, which I hope to put back on display at some point.
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