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I remember 1969

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"No surprise, the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority just unanimously approved the Devon project."

When I was 20 years old, I worked at the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority, which was run by Robert White and Horace Huskerson in those days. I was the "office kid" who drove HUD documents to E. K. Gaylord, Mayor Patience Latting and others to be signed and shipped to Washington, D.C. We had just moved into newly renovated offices in the Colcord Building. Sometimes people forget I.M. Pei drew up the master plan for OKC's future, I remember manning our booth at the Oklahoma State Fair which had quite nice models of the proposed new downtown. Most of the locals scoffed that it would ever look like that. Well...39 years later it does...and this new Devon Building ushers in a whole new era. People forget we have only been around just over 100 years--and have done one HELL of a lot in that time. As an energy center, maybe it's "our day". We must never forget the hard work and VISION of the city fathers--many who are gone now--that have made all this possible. It is sad when you read disparaging remarks by Seattle folks (like we have an 'inferiority' complex--a bird-brained retort) because they did not have the foresight to keep their basketball team, which was their fault--not ours. Take the time someday to read and study what this state and her people have done in that is very impressive indeed. We can survive it all...and as I mentioned before...maybe it is OUR DAY!
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