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Originally Posted by miketoronto View Post
This area is highlighted, because Brampton provides more frequent transit service to this major suburban office park, than Mississauga does, even though the business park is located in Mississauga.
Do you know geography? The 407 is (roughly) the boundary between Brampton and Mississauga. So, that business park that the majority of the loop services is actually in Brampton. Only a tiny bit is in Mississauga.

A better example would be the two areas in the Courtneypark area, not this.
- Meyerside area: Mississauga's 5B Dixie runs every 18 minutes and 51A Tomken runs every 24 minutes. BT services this area every 7.5 minutes with 18/18A.
- Kennedy area north of Courtneypark: Also, BT's 7+ Kennedy will serve the area every 7.5 minutes, while MT's 53 Kennedy only runs every 20 minutes.

Originally Posted by miketoronto View Post
Come Sept all Brampton residents will have a bus every 30 minutes or less, while the majority of Mississauga residents will continue to put up with a bus every 60 minutes.
All? Please explain 31 McVean. Is it 30 or less during midday hours?

Majority of Mississauga residents have buses that run every hour? 4 routes don't constitute a majority.

Frequency comparisons

The longest wait for Mississauga is:
- 40 minutes during rush hour (65 Barondale)
- 47 minutes during midday and evenings (4 Sherway)
- 60 minutes during Saturday (8 Cawthra, 14 Lorne Park, 51 Tomken, 38 Creditview)
- 60 minutes during Sunday (38A Creditview, 31 Folkway)

The longest wait for Brampton is:
- 30 minutes during rush hour (31 McVean, and probably more)
- 60 minutes during midday and evenings (31 McVean, and probably more)
- 60 minutes during Saturday (13 Avondale, and probably more)
- 60 minutes during Sunday (101 Airport Express, and probably more)

- 4+ Chinguacousy: 10m | 61+ Mavis: 18m
- 7+ Kennedy: 7.5m | 53 Kennedy: 20m
- 18+ Dixie: 7.5m | 5+ Dixie: 9m
- 30 Airport: 10m | 7/18 Airport/Explorer: 11m

Originally Posted by miketoronto View Post
And revenue hours really do not mean anything.
22h46m service span along Burnhamthorpe (which is every 17 minutes overnight) and 23h26m service span along Dundas (which is every 15-20 minutes overnight) are really really helpful for those who are drunk.

Originally Posted by miketoronto View Post
It is the service levels that do, and Brampton has kicked MT's butt in that regard.
Service frequencies really really matter for Brampton especially if there are no overlapping routes that go to the other destination. So definitely, judging by the timetable, Brampton kicked Mississauga out of the water here.

However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, Mississauga has a lot of overlapping routes (a mix of node-to-node and grid-based systems), which are helpful if one wants to go to the subway, one wants to go to the industrial area, and one wants to go to Square One. MT probably gave to the complaints of customers about taking 3 buses just to go 2 blocks.

Route overlaps

- 10 Bristol, 39 Britannia, 89 Meadovale-Subway, and 27 Matheson for the Britannia corridor
- 42 Derry, 61 Mavis, and 15 Drew for the Derry corridor
- 7 Airport, 35+ Eglinton, 34 Credit Valley, and 89 Meadovale-Subway for the Eglinton corridor
- 13 Glen Erin, 29+ Park Royal, 110 University for the Erin Mills corridor
- and a lot lot more...

Also, Most probably these routes won't be full from one end to the other. For example, 51 Tomken doesn't serve ANY terminal, but is fully jam-packed from Dundas to north of Eastgate, then goes 1/4 full from there.

If Mississauga followed Brampton's model, then:
- 17 Timberlea would be cancelled and replace it with 51B (like 67 for 19B) (but maybe most of 17's passengers are from the subway, and not from Tomken)
- 25 Traders would be replaced by 53A or 19A extension (don't know why this is the case)

Meanwhile, if Brampton followed Mississauga's model, then:
- there would be a direct bus from Bramalea to Westwood
- 8 Centre would have a much better service

So, MT is actually an efficient transit system, and judging by the route map, Mississauga blows Brampton out of the water.

I also stated about using 3 buses to go 2 blocks. If we take that to the very opposite end of the spectrum, you get very winding routes (see BT's 4+ Chinguacousy and 8 Centre and MT's 8 Cawthra and 29+ Park Royal) and travelling far distances just to have access to a terminal or a stop (see BT's 23+ Sandalwood via Trinity Common and 57 Courtneypark via the Infield Terminal).

Originally Posted by Doady View Post
Funny how the model suburb for public transit has significantly lower revenue transit service hours per capita and much lower revenue ridership per capita annually than its suburban neighbour to the south, Mississauga.
Mississauga is more developed compared to Brampton. Mississauga has a huge skyline, Brampton's is composed of several commie blocks. So you gotta put that factor in as well. So, if Brampton has been fully sprawled and has developed like Mississauga did, MT and BT will have equal per capita ridership and service hours.

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