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Here is a map of bus routes operating seven days a week with a frequency of every 30 minutes or better until at least 11 pm. This is just to show Mississauga against Brampton.

The red routes are Mississauga Transit. Blue routes are Brampton Transit routes which currently meet the standard. And the green routes are routes which will meet the standard come September. Dark green routes are York Region Transit routes which operate every 30 minutes or less seven days a week until at least 11 pm.

One thing of interest, is that most Mississauga transit routes stop running pretty early on Sunday, in the 7-8 pm range. I was shocked at how little service there is.
Anyway to see the map, click on the link.,0.358086&z=12

It should be noted that the green routes, while they don't meet the standard right now, only don't meet it due to the late evening service, which is on a 40 minute frequency. However the route still run later than routes in Mississauga. In Mississauga the routes not only did not meet frequency standards, but also did not run late.

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