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Originally Posted by TBone7281 View Post
Perhaps because I'm a stubborn bastard it will always be either US Steel or USX Tower, never UPMC to me. Much like they are currently demolishing the Civic Arena. (Though, that is technically correct once more since Mellon's naming rights expired anyway.)

In any case, if you're talking about the building, I'm a big fan and I really hope they seriously consider opening the top to the public some day.
It still is called the US Steel Tower. UPMC just has their crappy logo on top of it, just like Reed Smith has their logo atop Three PNC Plaza for their global headquarters.

I have always loved that building. My mom used to work there on the 55th floor from c1978 until 1998 when her company at the time moved to 6 PPG Place. I used to go into work with her occasionally, mainly on Saturdays when she had some additional things to take care of. Some folks would probably be bored to go into the office with their parent, but how can you be bored when they have an office that might as well be in the stratosphere?!

"Hey kiddo, I have to go into the office. Wanna come?"

As far as the Federal Reserve and Cleveland are concerned. They can have our branch. We acquired their main financial institution when PNC bought National City.

Regarding the BNY Mellon Client Services Center and potential lower hill development. I really hope they consider something taller than 16 stories. Yeah, the building is a neat design, but I still think it's too short for that particular parcel. 25 to 30 floors would be awesome!
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