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Originally Posted by acenturi View Post
Actually the premier rating system in the U.S. is AAA. Pittsburgh's higest rated hotels are the Renaissance (Marriott) and the Fairmount - both at 4 Diamonds - which is an excellent, but not a Top (5D) rating from AAA. Not all Fairmount Hotels are 5 Diamond properties, just as not all Ritz Carlton or 4 Seasons hotels are 5D.
Oddly, the highest rated hotel in the region is in Fayette County of all places... Nemacolin's Falling Rock sits at a 5 Star and 5 Diamond rating. You'd be surprised how many wealthy travelers with business in Pittsburgh actually stay there rather than in the city proper, despite the hour+ distance.

Interestingly, the Fairmont has made an effort at the 5 star rating. Before opening they actually sent their potential staff in bulk to Nemacolin to give them a first hand look in the employee methodology needed to get that top tier ranking. Maybe they'll practice more before the next round of rankings haha
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