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How can they expect to have city amenities when they don't live in the City?

Is HSR supposed to run busses out there, and stop once every kilometer within the range of three houses?

Just wait another two months when there is a summer drought, and see how vocal they are about Hamilton imposing water restrictions on their vast lawnscapes. There was already a letter to the Ed today mentioning it.

And sidewalks.... they don't want them. Why? there's nowhere to walk to. It's totally car dependent. This is why I look forward to $2.50/L gas.

The lots are huge. If we broke down how much tax is paid per sq ft, they'd see that Hamilton home owners are paying a lot more... even with area rating.

Besides Flamboro itself is a contrived 'town'. I could take their own argument and say Rockton gets to keep all the Casino taxes, nevermind Waterdown, Carlisle, Freelton etc.

Spare me the 'us vs them' BS. As soon as something like taxes and services, or anything negative about Hamilton comes up, they're the ones that collectivly and conveniently group together under the Flamboro label.
Height restrictions and Set-backs are for Nimbys and the suburbs.
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