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Originally Posted by NYguy View Post
Looks like an improvement.
I have to admit, it's better than a giant bented domino. Other than than it's history, there is nothing really architecturally significant about it, But given that the NIMBYS here are probably stronger than those in New York, sometimes appeasing to them can help move a project along. I mean look at the nearby planned Westfield development. The developer agreed to shave off some height of one of the new towers.

This guy sounds like a nut.
When I first saw his comment in the newspaper, I was thinking, "This has gotta be the most clueless NIMBY in the city. Of course it takes energy to tear down a structure and build new ones. But those emissions pale in comparison to those from the daily usage of gasoline in Southern California alone."

This is probably someone that wants to get political recognition. Unfortunately, using this "Embodied Energy" excuse to save mostly meaningless structures is futile and definitely going to fail.
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