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Originally Posted by tennis1400 View Post
Charity Hospital RFQ went out a few months ago so we should be hearing something about it soon.

As for convention center development. I agree that its quite attractive and while most of the buildings are just placeholders for a future design the overall scale is great. A streetcar(even something more modern than our normal streetcar) I think could really work here. I do wonder how they plan to negotiate with Tulane though for the waterfront property. We know Tulane is building some water research facility right now. With Jaeger owning or about to own the Power Plant they certainly have a leg up in negotiations. If anything they would just make it much easier to create a seemless experience from WTC/ Harrahs all the way to Jackson Avenue.
I think Tulane's riverfront campus is included in the plans. That "cultural campus" for research they have on the map? At any rate, they know what's going on with that development, because Berger is the chair of Tulane's Board.
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