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Originally Posted by IMBY View Post
I've probably said it before in another post, not sure, but I'd love to see San Ysidro built up, with a corresponding build up on the other side of the Border.

Haven't been to TJ since last summer, but I believe they were just finishing the 3rd tower of their New City Complex, and am curious to see if they've found enough buyers to add a 4th tower. I believe they are 30 stories tall! It's nice to see the towers looking out from Revolution Avenue, adds a nice urban touch!

Would be curious to see what their views are from those towers looking north? With a flat landscape, perhaps they can see downtown San Diego! I've been up on the highest hills there and you get a knockout view looking North!

Would like to know something about the buyers. How many buyers from San Diego and buyers from Tijuana or elsewhere? Wouldn't surprise me if there's some more adventuresome seniors that spotted it out as a retirement place. Best of both worlds. On Medicare, which is not accepted in Mexico, need medical care? Just walk to the Border and head for Kaiser or wherever!
Whatever happened to that Duty-Free project proposed in San Ysidro back in 2014? I assume its dead. For a building that's mostly a parking garage, it looked pretty cool.


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