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This just goes to show one aspect of the failure of auto-centric planning. I just returned from visiting a friend in LA, and she routinely spends about 2 - 2 1/2 hours of her day driving to/from work. Of course, this is "normal" in LA, and becoming more so elsewhere -- because our cities aren't planned with viable alternatives. It's sad when someone drives so much, and then, like the woman from Williamston, MI, buys a slightly more fuel-efficient car to save a few bucks on gas (or cut their carbon emissions by 7% ??), and that's the best we can do in 2007?

I understand people, esp. in this country, don't like parting with their cars -- but there oughta be some decent alternatives. Here in Portland, you are pretty unlikely to see a freeway over 6 lanes, and despite increasing congestion it won't change soon, so the traffic is definitely worsening. BUT -this appraoch is deliberate, and there is a land-use system / mass transit system that at least provides some fairly easy alternatives. Light-rail and buses move people around well, and even if it takes longer to get home sometimes.....they're at least not contributing to global warming like single-occupancy cars do. Oh yeah, and no road rage on a train.

My friend and I were slogging down the 101 Freeway thru LA in 12-14 lanes of thick traffic on a Sunday night at 9 pm, and she turned to me and asked, "Do we really think we can keep all this going in 20 years?"
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