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For some reason they stopped fireproofing the steel with 10 floors to go a couple of weeks ago. That will stop the glass install at that point. I really don't get the way some things have sequenced on this building. They seem to keep doing things that stop other things from moving forward. Either bad project planning, bad material management or something. Rather a frustrating building to watch go up. If you look at other buildings, here and on other city sites, the sequence usually makes sense. Not so much with this one. Lots of dead time without visible progress. This is not a hospital with complicated infrastructure that takes time, its a hotel.
L.F. Driscoll, being the General Contractor, is probably having a logistics nightmare. With little to no glass installation on the top half, interior fit-out gets delayed by months. And on a project like this, liquidated damages could be $10k - $25k for each week the building doesn't meet its construction deadline. I'm sure triple-shifts are being utilized to compensate for lost time. No doubt the laborers, architect, and GC are going at each-other. Lawyer up!
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