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Originally Posted by Amanita View Post
chris08876, how did you get the link to that image you posted? I visited the site and couldn't right click on anything, let alone get an image location.
I first posted these images on YIMBY forums on an aerial thread that we have there for NYC. All I did was hold the mouse, and drag it to the desktop. A jpeg image will appear. From there, and after I posted it on YIMBY, I used that image source (host) to post it here.

You can also use a image download tool from chrome, usually in the form of an app, but this way is quicker when dealing with less than 10 images. If using firefox, they have that download-all app which is fantastic btw. A good way to get past many of the paywalls on certain sites.

I posted a bunch in the NYC aerial thread over in the user-found section in SSP.
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