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Originally Posted by rousseau View Post
Look, a top ten list of global skylines with Budapest, Vancouver and Capetown on it is beyond ridiculous, that's obvious, but the criteria were beauty and how iconic they were.

It's nowhere clear that the list compiler intended to choose skylines representing various categories. This was the product of a slap-dash internet search on a Monday morning prior to coffee done to look busy and, as people say in these soulless times, to "produce content." The writer is clearly aware of this site and others like it, and is certainly well pleased at how successful her trolling was.
Iconic = unique = category

Beauty, well I don't see a city on the list that doesn't fit that profile.

Anything which remotely puts Vancouver on a level above other cities in this forum is met with typical derision. It's the norm, but nonetheless we are still presented with these points of view which place it on that level. Subjective, yes, but clearly not peculiar or unfounded.

Nationally, Vancouver "loses" with regard to some metrics, but it also has distinctive aspects that set it apart. That's all. No apologies for showing some pride.
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