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Originally Posted by Chris Stritzel View Post
Kansas City is starting to get a big City look. With the Hampton Inn and the Loews Hotel Cranes along with the ARTERRA crane, the Crossroads Skyline will look awesome! Four cranes in this area! SWEET! Now all we need is for three light to start soon so that a 4th crane can rise. The perception cranes on a downtown give to passerby's is transformational. It shows growth.
While I seriously doubt that the "skyline" in the Crossroads / Freighthouse area will ever match the skyline within the loop, it's great to see more mid-rises going up as infill. I completely forgot about Hampton Inn going up, and it's right on the rail line. Perhaps when Three Light, and possibly Four Light is built, there will be more of a demand for new residential tower construction in that area (20-30 stories). I don't want to ruin the uniqueness of the Crossroads, but I won't complain if there's a few towers that match the height of the Lights if it means building on a few boring surface area parking lots.
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