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Two thoughts on the North Philly proposal:

Re connection to NYC. Two types of people live in Philly and work frequently in NYC. Artists and people who make enough money to not have to "settle" to live in an "off" location in Philadelphia. I didn't see it mentioned in the article, but this project would do really well to offer an artist studio component. There's plenty of land, including some vacant factories. More significantly, if offered cheap, artists would definitely sign on which in turn would make the entire project viable to regular folks.

This is a good segue into my second point. For this to be successful, the developer will need two things:

1) Critical mass: the existing neighborhood here is pretty tough and the only way I think this can be successful is by building and populating a self sustaining neighborhood and quickly. Artists will help but they'll need more than some artist studios and a 128 unit building to create that critical mass needed to make this project sustainable. Stay away from phases and if needed, offer a discount to the first wave of pioneers, I mean renters.

2) Security: real or imagined, there is a perception...

I really do hope this becomes a reality because it could be huge.
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