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Originally Posted by summersm343 View Post
I think it's funny that people on here - who have likely never developed a thing in their lives - are calling these very successful real estate developers and investors "fools." If they're successful developers in NYC, it's because they're good at what they do and they think outside of the box. Maybe thinking outside of the box here in Philadelphia will also bring them good fortunes.
I'm with you. These people know potential when it presents itself. I love this project and I fully expect it to get built. Where else can you get a parcel of land this large that sits on a major transit corridor that also sits between a major university and a major teaching hospital? Not in New York. Not for this price. They smell the money. Temple has got to be thrilled with this even if they are not involved. I look forward to the ground breaking. I look forward to the changes this will bring to this part of our city. The North Broad Street corridor continues its transformation.
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