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Originally Posted by City Wide View Post
Spent $9M on what???
I acknowledge that my opinions, and yours, aren't going to effect this project one bit, but if they have spent that kind of money on a very speculative project, that sounds like its totally dependent on $20M of State money (which ain't going to happen) then they sound like fools to me.
Unless they are throwing cash out the windows I don't see any practical way for them to have spent $9M on this to date. A full set of working drawings, which aren't needed this far out from actual construction, for the whole projected $162M build out would probably be in the range of $10M.
I'd like to see this built; who wouldn't. But to me, from my little window on the world, this seems like pie in the sky.
no one expects the full amount they request for RACP. Every developer asks for the stars and will accept the moon. It would be foolish to assume they need $20mil to make this happen.
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