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Ipoh is the capital of Perak state and has a mix of traditional shophouses, British colonial architecture, and great food. While the tin industry collapsed in the 1970s, tourism is thriving here.

Pandan tarts are like egg tarts but are green.

Baked pastries fresh out of the oven are a hot sell!

Sweet tofu is a lovely and healthy dessert. Add bird's nest and it becomes super high class. However, it doesn't cost a fortune to enjoy this add-on.

Traditional Chinese fare is popular here, and at a major discount to prices in Hong Kong.

Across town, this tofu dessert was even cheaper but without fancy toppings.

Bean sprouts chicken is a local delicacy. The mineralized water helps bean sprouts grow fat and delicious.

2 bean sprouts chicken restaurants sit diagonal from each other at the intersection.

Browse around the street market to sample all sorts of lovely food to eat informally in the outdoors.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of colonial architecture in the Old Town for history buffs to explore.

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