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Originally Posted by Tom Mango View Post
The National Business Coalition for Public Transit has an interesting list of members (, p. 6:

Chicago Metropolis 2020
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce
Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
Downtown Tulsa Unlimited, Inc.
Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce
Greater Cleveland Growth Association
Greater Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce
Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce
Greater Washington Board of Trade
Lancaster (PA) Chamber of Commerce
Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
Metropolitan Planning Council (Chicago)
Miami (FL) Chamber of Commerce
Minneapolis Downtown Council
New Orleans Regional Chamber of Commerce
Oakland (CA) Chamber of Commerce
San Diego Chamber of Commerce
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
Silicon Valley Manufacturers Group

Thanks for the links Boris.
Of course all the cities would be a part of such an organization .. they all have the economy and population to support a rapid transit system.

I don't think that list has a metro center which isn't at least twice the size of Winnipeg.. except New Orleans, which has been devistated by Katrina (but also doesn't have rapid transit).

At least compare apples with apples. Once Winnipeg has the population and economy to support an LRT I will be 110% behind it.

Chicago and LA have suburbs bigger than Winnipeg.
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