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Originally Posted by newflyer View Post
So rail transit is the be all and end of of thinking big??? Oh gee ....

Andy 6 has it exactly correct.... once you have a growing economy with some built up areas than rapid trasit can play a role within a growing city, but just throwing in a billion dollar rail trasit system will have little to not positive impact on a city with a weak economy... except to weaken it further with more debt and expenses.

It is obvious that in order to attract business you would need more than trains... unless the hundreds and hundreds of businesses in the chamber have it all wrong.

Yes the Chamber has no idea about business... and Boris has spoken. You want to think big ... how about attarcting high paying jobs... how about broadening the tax base?? ... how about developing a high tech sector ... how about an exploding Bio-Med sector?? .... How about expanding the number of businesses within the city .... no no thats small beans compared to building trains.

Boris's links are definatly tilted towards a bias point of view, primarily with the input of people who know very little about building economies... but I am sure that has little to do with the arguement... as long as its on the web.

Look at Winnipeg's GDP per capita .. vs. Milwalkee .. Toronto .. Montreal ... or Calgary... or any other city Boris wants to mention. Go on and prove my point for me. Socialism has devistated Winnipeg's economy and you think trains will be the savior? Yeah okay ... you'll win the Nobel Prize of Economics with that theory.

Yup yup.. gotta be trains .. yup yup..
sad but true
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