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Originally Posted by Lee_Haber8 View Post
I'm sure Calgary wouldn't be nearly as successful as it is without light-rail. Without a rapid transit system there is no way the Winnipeg can grow in a sustainable way. That wasteful development costs the city hundreds of millions of dollars in additional infrastructure maintenance.

Nobody is denying that there should be tax cuts, I think most of them need to be made at the provincial and the ones that stifle investment need to be targeted.
I agree with you Calgary wouldn't be the city it is today without trains.

My Point is you have to put the horse before the cart... set the ground work to make a successful economy, so that once a rail system is established the city can capitalize on it. Calgary was already a very business friendly city, once the C-Train system was set up. This is a very important point. If you try to do it in reverse .. (train first - economy second) once the rail system is in place the city's economy will be sattled with expenses that the small tax base can not afford, never mind focus any resouces on building the business sector through tax incentives.

We must focus on building the momentum towards greater prosperity first. We need to make Winnipeg an investment friendly city again. We need to draw investement, not just for the downtown, but for the Biomed City at the HSC and Smart Park at the UofM, as well other core business districts. These areas are made up of investment intensive operations. Biomed City needs to be empowered with R&D tax incentives, if it wants to attract more hightech operations. This also goes for hightech companies, who are looking for a place to establish operations. Winnipeg could and should be able to capitalize on this sector, with the amount of University and College grads being produced every year, but our economy does not allow for that. Cities like Ottawa, Vancouver and Montreal are eating our lunch.

The various large employers are calling for an end to the Payroll Tax, which is penalizing them for every new employee they hire and invest in. Winnipeg also suffers from a Capital Tax which is an extra tax on businesses who own capital (not land) worth over $5M. This retards the contruction business as any building which is worth over that 5M mark is giving an extra tax. Now also consider that Manitoba is one of the few governments in North America with these two excessive investment killing taxes.

Build the economy so there is a reason to increase transit capacity. It can't be built in reverse.
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