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Originally Posted by Tom Mango View Post
The Manitoba Chamber of Commerce is cautiously enthusiastic for rapid transit and recognizes its potential benefits but the MCC seem to be waiting for the city to propose a clearly articulated, staged plan.

Jimi or Galston, does TruWinnipeg know the status of the 2004-2005 Special Rapid Transit Task Force BRT plan? Has there been any movement at all to address the critera the MCC lay out here?
Very good.. your searching has impressed me. With a set criteria a Rapid transit system constructed in stages .. but we must be able to anwser those very important questions.

I am not against rapid transit ... if it is done in tandum with economic expansion it could be a very positive development. I just don't want it to be the one and only focus and than watch the economy 10 years done the road crippled under debt and expenses.

A modern and healthy city with a strong economy needs rapid transit.
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