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Originally Posted by eternallyme View Post
I thought of that and such would be a preference for sure, but that requires MLSE getting its butt out of the way.

Also they need multiple tiers, to give smaller cities and suburbs a chance to rise to the pinnacle as well.
These franchises will also have development teams (Academies) that will compete with each other in a lower league. There are already tons of lower level teams in Canada, what we don't have is a domestic top flight. Think of MLS as the NBA and CPL as the NBL with a bigger salary cap and national broadcasting rights. The lower levels will develop and integrate/organize but we have to create the top flight first. MLSE and MLS have no choice but to accept teams within Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal when that day comes or if the CPL is very successful then one day those cities may even have their MLS teams convert to CPL (though not necessary at all).

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