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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
Excellent pics. Cincy has probably the highest quality street level feel of any city between the coasts.

I did a long walk of Covington a few years back, and it struck me that there are almost no such places in the U.S. It's extremely white. It isn't gentrified, it doesn't have immigrants, or many minorities.

It's a white, poor-ish, moderately decayed inner city rowhouse hood. It isn't "bad", but isn't exactly "nice", either. It feels like 1970 or something.
Downtown and the Mainstrasse neighborhood are currently gentrifying at a decent pace. Aside from that, you are correct that's is generally a lower-class white city with a sub-section of African-Americans southeast of downtown. Its neighbor, Newport, is far healthier overall. Covington is quite underrated, urban-wise, but so is the entire Cincinnati area. Hell, even Lawrenceburg (suburb in Indiana) has a lovely downtown.
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