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Originally Posted by The North One View Post
They spend time at a community design meeting so they can pat themselves on the back and yet approve construction of projects that are the very antithesis of good urban planning. All that feedback is pointless, we already know what good urban planning looks like. Who is panhandling in Kalamazoo? What does "grocery store" mean? how is that a weakness?
I think whoever wrote 'grocery store' must have meant that the 'lack of' grocery stores in the downtown area is a weakness. Panhandling is a hot topic in the city; it is discussed frequently, but not easily resolved. I'm often asked if I can spare some change by people who may or may not be homeless. The poverty rate in the city is hovering around 40%, about double the state average.

Are you referring to any projects in particular that are the antithesis of good urban planning? (genuinely curious)
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